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The electronic store is not open yet. Please check back around July 15, 2013, and you should be able to download files at that time.

Detailed Purchasing Details

Unfortunately, there are no refunds once a CPM has been purchased. Please read and fully understand all the details below before making a purchase. If you are still confused after reading the instructions below, please contact OSMSC prior to making a purchase.

Step 1: Read the Sample Specification Documents

Every CPM has a sample Specification Document. This provides a brief overview of the imaging data, the details of any anatomic models generated, and the parameters used for the simulation (if applicable). Before purchasing any CPM, you should carefully review the Specification Document to make sure that you are interested in the content of the CPM.

Step 2: Click on the "Buy Now" button

Each CPM has a “Buy Now” button. Click on the link.

Step 3: Pay with PayPal and download the .zip file

The repository uses a commercial third-party provider to process payment and to store and deliver the individual CPM .zip files. Payment processing is handled securely and conveniently by PayPal.